• All of our decks is fully constructed with our finest technology called BOOM BOOM TECH (BBT). We only produced and work with 100% HIGH QUALITY 7 PLIES CANADIAN MAPLE WOOD. We believe that in order to satisfy our customers; we need not only to use the best materials but also to use the best processes and technologies.

    BOOM BOOM TECH (BBT) skateboard decks are cold and individually pressed with our SPECIAL SECRET RECIPE GLUE. The benefits of cold pressing is that it gently curves the wood for a longer period of time which has over the years been show to produce better skateboard decks, highest-caliber pop, durability, stiffer, and lighter to maintain and pursue a better lamination quality.

BOOM BOOM TECH (BBT) gladly welcomes you to be part of our OEM skateboard decks program that can be made as low as 50 PIECES per graphic from size 7.5″ – 8.5″ which include FREE HIGH QUALITY GRIPTAPE and 90 DAYS WARRANTY against manufacturer defects and craftsmanship.